Howard Stern's Star Studded Birthday Bash A Hit

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Howard Stern is turning 60, but that won't stop him from throwing an awesome birthday party. The celebration was broadcast live on SiriusXM radio from New York's Hammerstein Ballroom.

Some celebrities have a hard time getting older and tend to leave the partying behind them. Not Stern. When asked how he felt during the party he said,

"I feel great and happy." "Being 60 is not a bad thing. I'm in a good place in my life. I have the best job and the perfect wife. I'm a lucky man. And it's an honor to have so many people come and celebrate with me. I could never have imagined any of this."

Robert Downey Jr., Justin Theroux, Barbara Walters, Bryan Cranston, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Heidi Klum, Gov. Chris Christie and Patricia Krentcil were just a few of the celebrities that attended the celebration.

Many musicians and bands were also present at the celebration and played some of Stern's favorite songs. Performers included Black Keys, Rob Zombie, John Mayer and several others.

Even some of Stern's sworn enemies decided to put the past behind them and wished him a happy birthday. Rosie O’Donnell performed a song for Stern and Kathie Lee Gifford ended the night with a special birthday message to Stern.

Stern may be close to being a senior citizen, but that doesn't mean he is ready to give up partying or his celebrity friends. In addition to the crowd that attended, the party also included amazing food and drinks and of course some dirty jokes and foul language.

Did you catch the streaming birthday bash and if so what did you think of it?

Image via YouTube.

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