Howard Stern Talks About Rush Limbaugh

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Here at the week's end, after all the further mess Rush Limbaugh has faced this week, we present a clip from the Howard Stern show.

Stern cuts right to the chase about Limbaugh's current predicament. He says that it's a mess, but it's got people talking about him.

Stern also has an opinion on Limbaugh's birth control argument, during which he called Sandra Fluke a slut.

Maybe Stern will have some words of advice for Limbaugh about transitioning to a satellite radio market if the advertiser boycott keeps up. At the rate Limbaugh is losing ads, he might need a plan B before long. Stern famously made the transition to satellite radio and has been doing just fine ever since. Dr. Laura Schlessenger also abandoned terrestrial radio for a satellite and online setup after being faced with an advertiser boycott that dried up her show's funds when she compared gay relationships to bestiality.

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