How We're Using Our Mobile Devices [Nielsen Study]


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With over half of America already using smartphones and about 20% owning tablet computers, it's interesting to take a look at how we are using these devices, and also how they are changing our lives.

This is what Nielsen set out to do with their latest study, and guess what what they found out? Well, like any good research effort, once the results are in, it seems like common sense. We like to shop. No really, that's what they found out. Like I reported earlier this year, smartphones are the new window shopping.

Mobile devices and the internet in general bring a lot more power to the shopping experience. Nielsen reports that nearly 80% of smartphone and tablet users are taking advantage of those devices for shopping-related activities. They are doing things like reading reviews, checking pricing, looking for stores, writing product testimonials, searching for coupons, and creating lists.

Remember the old fashioned times when you had to buy an issue of Consumer Reports and hope they reviewed the stuff you were thinking about buying? Now you jump on YouTube, look for a product demo, or go on a retailers website and read a bunch of consumer reviews. You can check the top ten distributors on pricing in probably five minutes. Window shopping has never been so much damn fun.

Save on the leg work and save on gasoline, and to top it all off, get the best prices, free shipping, and the peace of mind that only peer reviews can provide. Of course Nielsen, we are using our mobile devices for shopping. We love it!

Take a look at what they found: