How to Save Your Pics When Deleting Instagram

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There has been plenty of backlash, since Facebook bought Instagram. People have been flocking to Twitter or their favorite social media site to complain and threaten to delete their Instagram accounts. We can only assume that some of this is just posturing and jumping on the bandwagon, letting everyone know they keep up with current events in the internet world.

There are some legitimate fears out there, however. Many people are worried that Facebook has also acquired the location-tagged photo data from everyone's account and plan to use it to traget advertisements at them. Neither Facebook nor Instagram have confirmed or denied this accusation, leading to a lot of speculation.

For those of you that are serious, those of you that hate Facebook enough to get rid of your Instagram account; here is how you do it.

Instaport - In two steps, download your photo library onto a single zip file.

Copygram - Primarily a web interface for Instagram. Download your pictures from other users feeds.

InstaDesk - For $4.99, this Mac program makes it easy to download Instagram photos.

SocialFolders - "It's like a dropbox for social" - This service provides back-up for all of your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, Google Docs and YouTube. The next time you get fed up with a social media sites merger, you will be prepared to scrap your account.

The obvious choices here are Instaport and SocialFolders. They are easy to use and free. Instaport is the quickest and easiest way to get all of your Instagram photos and get out. SocialFolders provides the most options, allowing you to download content from all of your social media clients.

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