How to Remove Background on Product Photos for Your Online Store with AI Tools

Learn more about how to remove background on product photos for your online store with AI tools in the article below. ...
How to Remove Background on Product Photos for Your Online Store with AI Tools
Written by Brian Wallace
  • First impressions matter everywhere, especially in e-commerce. The moment a potential customer lands on your website page, they form an opinion about your brand based on the quality of your product images. Eliminating the background is one of the best methods to improve these photos. This simple but powerful trick will make your products pop, look more professional and increase your sales. Here are the programs that can help you remove image background, along with how to do it step by step in one of them.

    Why Removing Backgrounds is Necessary

    For commercial websites and catalogs, the presentation of product images is crucial. Here are a few reasons why background removal is essential:

    • Focus on Product

    By removing distracting surroundings, the product becomes the focal point of the image. This helps customers see the details and features clearly and make purchasing decisions easily.

    • Consistency 

    A uniform background across all product images creates a cohesive and professional look for your online store. This consistency builds trust and enhances brand recognition.

    • Versatility

    Background-free pictures can be easily integrated into various marketing materials, such as advertisements, banners, and social media posts, without clashing with other design elements.

    • Improved Load Times

    Simplified photos with plain backgrounds often have smaller file sizes, leading to faster load times and a better user experience on your website.

    How to Remove Background from Image: A Step-by-Step Guide

    One of the easiest ways to remove backgrounds from your product photos is through a web-based AI image background remover you will find via the link. With this tool, you can smoothly cut out any object in just a few clicks, save your picture with a transparent backdrop, or apply one of the 50+ included backgrounds — all of that completely free of charge. Below you’ll find a brief tutorial on how to do it using this tool:

    Step 1. Upload Your Picture

    Once you’ve opened the AI background remover, click the Upload Image button and select the product photo you wish to edit. You can load pictures in JPEG and PNG formats.

    Step 2. AI Background Removal

    Once your photo is uploaded, the AI tool will automatically detect the product and remove the backdrop. This process usually takes just a few seconds.

    Step 3. Review and Download

    After the AI finishes processing your image, you will see a preview result. Press the Save Photo button to download the picture with a transparent backdrop to your device. 

    Alternative Programs to Use for Removing Backgrounds

    Want to explore all the available program options? Here are a few good image background removers:

    1. Adobe Photoshop

    Want to use the gold standard of image editing and don’t mind the challenges of mastering the program? Photoshop is for you. This photo background remover offers unparalleled control over backdrop elimination with tools like the Magic Wand, Quick Selection, Lasso, Refine Edge, and advanced masking techniques. Its layer-based approach ensures precise editing, making it ideal for complex backgrounds or detailed product shots. However, subscribing to Creative Cloud is expensive if used infrequently.

    1. GIMP

    If you are looking for a background remover free of charge but with similar functionality to Photoshop, check out GIMP. This open-source image editor provides excellent capabilities for background removal. Its selection tools, including the intelligent Fuzzy Select and Foreground Select tools, cater to varying degrees of complexity in image backgrounds. With a supportive community and frequent updates, GIMP remains a strong choice for budget-conscious users.

    1. Clipping Magic

    Need a specialized tool that focuses solely on background removal? Look no further than Clipping Magic. Designed with simplicity in mind, it automates much of the process while still allowing for manual adjustments for precision. With an intuitive interface and AI-driven algorithms, it caters to users who are seeking efficiency without sacrificing quality. Its functionality is limited compared to more comprehensive editing software, though.

    1. Fotor

    Last but not least is Fotor. While primarily known for its photo editing and enhancement tools, this program also includes background removal features. It blends user-friendly design with powerful AI capabilities, making it accessible to both novice and seasoned editors who want an easy, quick solution.


    Removing backgrounds from photos is not just a technical step but a strategic choice to enhance visual appeal and professionalism. Now, you can choose between a free online tool or one of the desktop alternatives, depending on your skill level, need for additional editing capabilities, manual selection, or faster processes. Start enhancing product photos for an online store or refining visuals for marketing campaigns to achieve professional results efficiently and effectively.

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