How to Make the Most of Your Pinterest Pins

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This infographic from not99 breaks down some interesting statistics about some of their social media campaigns on Pinterest. I assume that these stats will not hold exactly true for everyone, but it is a good template to follow for your own campaigns.

In Pinterest the image itself is everything. People must be moved by what they see in some way in order for them to engage in it. not99 suggests "a beautiful image that either elicits a value, touches a human emotion, follows a trend, or relates to one of the following basic human needs: makes them happier, richer, [or] healthier."

For the most part his rings true. The idea is to pin something that a majority of people like. We all have basic needs and most of us follow current trends. Pin something that follows along these lines and you're golden.

But it doesn't stop at just a good image. There are some little things that you can tweak to get the most from your Pinterest campaigns.

Not99 noticed that similar images would receive more clicks if they contained a "call to action phrase in the title." This includes phrases like "You must see how this is done," or "tutorial on how to." The key with the description is to engage the audience in some way. If they feel like they are learning something, or doing more than just sitting back and watching, they are more likely to click or re-pin.

Surprisingly, the time you pin can make a difference. More people are on Pinterest from 2-4PM and then from 8PM to 1 in the morning. Posting during these times tend to get the best results.

Probably the best thing that you can do is to refer to trending topics. This simple rule is true for most social medias, and Pinterest is no exception. Stay relevant to current events, and search trending topics for the best posts.

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