How to Make the Most of Your Pinterest Pins Part 2

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A couple of days ago we shared with you an Infographic on how to get the most engagement from your Pinterest Pins. Tips included the best times to pin, what types of things to pin, and what to write in the description.

This Infographic from DanZarrella expands on this and adds some new insights.

The description length statistics are pretty interesting. A description of a little less than 200 characters tends to get the most re-pins on average, although there is a huge spike at around 300 characters with a drop off to almost none directly before and after. This is probably just a strange anomaly for this data set, so keep your pins at around 200 characters.

If you are aming for re-pins, the top words to use in the description are about food. Obviously, every picture or article you pin will not be about food, so in cases where it is not, try to stay topical. As the previous inforgaphic points out, relevant topics always do better.

Typically larger photos get the most repins, specifically taller images. This probably has to do with the nature of how Pinterest pins appear on the page. Taller items take up more space on the page even though most images are shrunk to fit. Images like infographics take up a lot of page room and therefore draw more attention.

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