How To Make A Big Mac In Your Own Kitchen

McDonald’s has caught a lot of flack over the years, not the least of which has revolved around the extreme capacity consumers have for excessive weight gain when exposed to a diet consisting of their food. And while most of us realize that any form of fast food isn’t healthy when consumed in quantities, McDonald’s has made a conscious effort in recent years to offer healthier choices on their menu, beefing up the salad options and throwing in apple slices with regular Happy Meal fare.

Lately, they’ve also been big on talking up the fact that they use fresh, natural ingredients and have offered up several farmers in their commercials as proof. On the heels of that, their executive chef, Dan Coudreaut, has made a video in which he creates a Big Mac from ingredients bought from the local grocery store, and he even gives up the secret sauce recipe, which according to him has been available online for a while now. I never knew about it, however, and was somewhat surprised to find out it’s not just Thousand Island dressing all dressed up with some spices.

Enjoy the video below and let us know if your creation turned out to taste just like McDonald’s version. Now, if they’d only show us how they make those wonderful fries….

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