How to Get the New Facebook News Feed Faster Than Your Friends

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As you may have heard, big changes are coming to your Facebook news feed. At an event today in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg and crew unveiled the new news feed, which they describe as a closer step towards a "personalized newspaper."

Old metaphors aside, Facebook's new news feed is a big improvement, at least visually. It's also shaping up to be a total timesuck (in a good way), but we'll have to play around with it a little more to make that determination.

So you want it, right? Well, you can't have it. Not yet. But you can put yourself on a waiting list and maybe get it faster than your friends.

Simply head on over to, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the big, green button that says to join the waiting list.

And there you go, you're on the list!

And now you play the waiting game. Facebook says that this rollout will be slow and deliberate so that they can make sure that it's all optimal when it finally goes live to everyone. This shouldn't surprise anyone, as Facebook did the same thing with Graph Search earlier this year.

Facebook's new news feed features large visuals with more impact across all fronts - friends' photo uploads, albums, maps, news articles, and yes, ads. It also features content-specific feeds so you can sort what you see by categories like photos, games, music, and "all friends." The new design is more fluid across all devices - both mobile and web, with the two borrowing elements from each other.

Josh Wolford
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