How Hurricane Sandy Affected U.S. Air Travel [VIDEO]

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Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on much of the east coast and various locations inland earlier this week, and her destruction left millions without power, caused widespread flooding and property damage, and halted ground transportation in many cities.

It also disrupted air travel on a massive scale, as many are still feeling the effects of thousands of flight cancellations over the last few days. There have been 20,028 cancellations since Saturday, according to FlightStats. The bulk of those cancellations occurred on Monday and Tuesday (7,977 and 6,562 respectively) as the storm slammed into New Jersey and New York. Newark International, La Guardia, and JFK International experienced the most disruption.

FlightStats has compiled this data into an amazing heat map that shows the effect of the superstorm on U.S. air travel. You can check it out below:

[via Business Insider]
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