How Good Is Netflix’s Streaming Plan? NY Man Puts It to the Test

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If you’re trying to get the most for your money, New York comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff has a solution. Although it could cost you your day job, you could rest assured that the $7.99 you pay each month for Netflix's unlimited streaming is well worth it.

Mark Malkoff, Comedian and Filmmaker Malkoff is known for taking on quite interesting projects such as his visiting all 171 Starbucks’ locations in Manhattan in one day and living in an IKEA store for an entire week. His latest project, dubbed the “Netflix Challenge,” involved testing Netflix’s streaming service to the limit.

The adventurous Malkoff wanted to see how much value he could get out of his monthly payment of $7.99 and decided to watch 250 films from April 16 to May 15.

“I really wanted to take more advantage of this subscription for unlimited movies than anybody in the history of Netflix,” he tells us.

As you can tell from the video, the experience was very interactive. Malkoff’s followers gave him film suggestions on Facebook and Twitter and also offered words of encouragement, to which he credits his sanity during the project. Although he tried to mix it up by having theme days for the movies, it appears that this aspect of the project may skew his long-term view on certain types of films.

“Watching 15 hours of musicals – not something I would advise anybody to do,” said Malkoff.

According to Malkoff, social media plays a very big role in all his projects. Not only does it provide support, but he also gets many of his ideas for his experiments from the audience.

“You have that one-on-one authentic contact, and it's really been a huge staple of my projects," he pointed out.

He was even able to get actors Jason London and Andrew McCarthy to watch a couple of their films with him and provide commentary, which certainly made the experience more bearable.

In the end, after getting around 3 hours of sleep each night, Malkoff completed his challenge and watched 252 movies. In other words, he watched 404.25 hours of film at a cost of 3.2 cents per movie. Not bad, huh?

Now, Netflix has not exactly had the best reputation since it changed its policies last year. If you remember, the company separated its video streaming and DVD offerings into two plans, which meant a price hike for those users who wanted to keep both services. What’s more, the company has been criticized for not keeping its streaming content current.

Malkoff, however, is a big fan of Netflix. He found a wide variety of movies and had no problems with loading speeds. He’s convinced that his Internet service provider hates him - obviously, he doesn’t have a data cap - but as far as Netflix goes, he said it has his business forever.

“I think for $7.99, I mean, you can’t complain,” Malkoff explained. “They have 60,000 titles – I was entertained the whole entire month.”

“I have nothing bad to say,” he continued. “They don’t really even have any competition in my book.”

One Netflix representative actually started following Malkoff on Twitter during the project and appeared to like his experiment. Malkoff was quick to point out that he was not working for Netflix and did not receive any type of compensation for his project.

One other note of clarification – some people seem to get the impression that Malkoff doesn’t have a day job and has the time to watch movies all the time. He does work, and he actually creates comedy videos for My Damn Channel. He also works with sponsors such as Ford and IKEA on certain projects. It makes a little more sense now, right?

“I feel very blessed that I get to make movies for a whole month for a living,” said Malkoff. He laughingly added, “It is harder than people would think… I just wanted to take a walk.”

“I do confess since I did the project, I really haven’t watched any movies. My wife Christine made me take her once or twice, but I haven’t watched anything on TV or anything cause I need to detox.”

As for future projects, he didn’t give us any hints as to what his next one would be, but he did assure us that there would be more.

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