Houston Texans Fire Coach Gary Kubiak

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Well, anyone who has been following the NFL at all this year would have certainly been able to see this one coming. Gary Kubiak, the coach of the Houston Texans, was fired today.

The Texans had a chance of going to the Super Bowl coming into the season, and those aspirations were shut down quickly as the team proved to be a completely different team than that of last year. While they won their first two games, and seemed to be doing okay, the Texans quickly became the worst team in the league after losing the next 11 games.

Their most recent loss came last night against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have had about the opposite of the Texans' record, after having won their past three games.

The Texans have also switched around quarterbacks multiple times over the season, and while Matt Schaub was benched earlier in the season, he came back in the third quarter as his replacement Case Keenum has continued to struggle.

Schaub started the season in the worst way possible, and got lots of hate from the fans as a result. In week 5, he even set the record for interceptions after throwing a pick six in four straight games.

Typically, teams wait until the end of the season to fire their coach but under the circumstances, the Texans staff felt that something needed to be done right away. Bob McNair, the owner of the team, said of the situation "This has been a very disappointing year. We started with such high hopes. To have this string of losses is unacceptable."

In addition to the disappointing season that the Houston Texans have been forced to endure, Kubiak is also a bit of a risk to keep around after leaving the field during halftime of their loss against the Colts with a mini-stroke. He only missed one game, but that could be a factor as well.

Before being fired, Gary Kubiak was the fourth-longest tenured coach in the league, behind only Bill Belichick, Marvin Lewis and Tom Coughlin.

After the Houston Texans have lost almost every game this season, the firing of Gary Kubiak was something that fans had been expecting for a number of weeks. They have secured themselves in the last spot in the league, and with the Colts and Broncos as two of their final three opponents, it doesn't look as if that will be changing before the season ends.

Wade Philips will serve as the interim head coach of the Houston Texans until a replacement can be found. As they will end up the worst team in the league, they will also have a shot at the top quarterbacks in college football. Who should they choose?

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