House of Cards Season 4 Is Officially a Go

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Considering the events of the third season – especially those in the final moments – it would be a travesty to let House of Cards end right now. Luckily, that's not going to happen. Netflix has confirmed that the political drama will be back for a fourth season in 2016.

No hard premiere date – but I'd be willing to bet it's in February (keeping with the trend of past releases). The fourth season will likely cover Frank Underwood's reelection campaign and eventual elections and will stream during the real life Presidential campaign of 2016. I'm sure showrunner Beau Willimon is aware of this.

Willimon wasn't waiting around for the official word, either.

You certainly have a while to wait. Here, enjoy our President's painfully bad Frank Underwood impression while you're here.

Josh Wolford
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