House of Cards Season 3 Premieres This Friday, So You Better Catch Up

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Unlike many shows that you watch week-to-week, most House of Cards lovers probably binged that shit in a weekend. You know you did.

Because of that, it probably feels like it's been even longer that you've seen an episode of House of Cards than it feels when network shows take a year off. That's ok. You have two days to rewatch all 26 episodes before season three premieres.

Oh, you have work? And other life obligations. Of course you do. Well, lucky for you The Fine Bros have put together a nice little recap. Watch this, and you'll be caught up on seasons one and two in fewer than ten minutes. Not bad.

Or you can just remember that Frank Underwood is one conniving son of a bitch and let that be your takeaway. I can't wait to see what he pulls now that he's gained a considerable amount of power.

All 13 episodes of season three hit Netflix Friday, Feb 25.

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