Hotmail Emails Go MIA

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The Microsoft website has been flooded with messages from unhappy Hotmail users who are complaining of missing e-mails in their account. There seems to be a new bug that deleted e-mails from the users' inboxes. A lousy way to begin a year for the Hotmail users.

It seems a huge number of Hotmail users are having the issue as there are over 3 full pages of complaints. The cause of the problem is not yet known and is currently under investigation by Windows Live support experts who are reportedly working on a fix. The affected users are being asked to stay calm meanwhile.

TheGodfather2010, a user, said in his complaint that all his emails from the last 5 years had disappeared. A user by the name 'freedomnow' also said that all his folders including the inbox and sent folders were emptied and a lot of important information was lost. One user went one to say that Hotmail is ignoring the obvious, and that the problem is with their server, not with emails being deleted by users.

Well whatever the issue be, let us hope that the cause of it will be identified and the loss recovered as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it would indeed put the victims in big trouble. Losing E-mails with important information is a real pain. Good luck to all the experts at Windows Live support and the affected users.

Originally published at the PageTraffic blog.

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