Hotel Deals: Saving Money On Your Summer Vacation

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It is finally getting warm in most areas and summer is fast approaching. If you go on a vacation every summer, you may be ready to start planning it. One of the first things people plan concerning their summer vacations is a budget. Nobody wants to overpay while traveling and saving money on one aspect of your vacation such as your hotel room, can give you more to spend on others such as attractions and experiences. One of the easiest ways to save money is on your hotel room. Remember these tips when you are looking for hotel deals for your next trip.

Many people want to stay near popular attractions when traveling, but hotels that are in the heart of everything are usually more expensive than those that are a little ways away. If you are traveling a long distance and staying over during part of your trip, you likely won't have time to take advantage of any of the area's attractions anyways. Look for hotels that are not situated directly on the highway or main road because they are often expensive. Also, don't book hotels in the middle of the city either as they are also expensive. The best hotel deals can be found on the outskirts of town, just make sure they are in a safe neighborhood and meet your standards.

While most hotel amenities are included in the room rate, some hotels take advantage of this assumption and charge extra for basic amenities that you don't expect to pay for. Cable television, ice machines and Wi-Fi fees are a few of the most common ways that hotels make extra money on amenities that are usually included with your stay. To avoid overpaying for these amenities, ask about them and any others you are interested in, before you book the hotel.

Don't be afraid to haggle for your hotel rate. Just because you think you found the best deal on or Kayak, doesn't mean you won't get a better one by calling the hotel yourself. The best approach is to find the best deals on one of these hotel sites and then calling each hotel and trying to get it even cheaper. While some hotels are firm on their rates, others are not and the hotel sites don't always reflect the best deals or current prices. You could save anywhere from 20-50% on your room just by asking for a better deal.

Social Networks
Check social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see if any hotels are offering deals during your trip or stay. Most advertise their specials and deals on their social pages and sometimes even offer special codes or coupons as well. You can also ask your friends on these sites if they have any recommendations.

Vacations should be fun and stress free and finding a good hotel room shouldn't take up all of your time or money. Take a few minutes to find the best hotel deals before you start your trip and always shop around for the best prices. Have a great vacation!

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