Hot AF Twitter Trend Sums Up The Mood Of The Country


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It's hot outside. Really, really hot. As with most trends, the modern news cycle is all over it as the nation desperately looks for ways to get out of the stifling heat. Hell, even local area weather reports are having fun with the ridiculous heat.

Just ask Neatorama:

You might think the folks at CBS 6 Virginia are exaggerating, but once you step outside, you realize this report is more accurate than you would ever want it to be, especially the volcanic-like temperatures. As you might expect, Twitter is not enjoying the heat very much at all, something the "Hot AF" Twitter trend reveals nicely. In case you aren't sure what's being discussed here, it's a nice of saying it's hot as f**k outside. Take a look:

If you can't tell, it's really, really hot outside.