HootSuite Adds Yammer to its App Directory

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HootSuite today announced that it is adding Yammer to its growing list of supported social network platforms. Yammer is now available through the HootSuite App Directory. HootSuite is a social media management platform used by companies to coordinate their social marketing across multiple social network platforms.

Yammer is enterprise social network that allows companies and organizations to facilitate private social interaction between its members. Yammer was recently acquired by Microsoft for $1.2 billion.

The Yammer support within HootSuite will allow users to see and reply to Yammer conversations directly through the HootSuite dashboard. In addition, HootSuite users will be able to post updates with attachments to Yammer company and group feeds. The home, company, and private message feeds from Yammer are all viewable through the HootSuite dashboard, as well as any group feeds.

“The integration of Yammer demonstrates the increasing role of social collaboration in business," said Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. "As companies grow, employees become increasingly decentralized from one another and rely on multiple tools like Yammer to work through and complete projects. Use of social media continues to grow beyond marketing. We see departments including customer service, human resources, sales, public relations and research and development teams are looking to HootSuite for solutions to tackle collaboration problems.”

Hootsuite has been implementing many social network platforms into its App Directory this year. In June, the beta version of its LinkedIn support, including company pages, was opened to all users who apply for beta access. Later that month, support for Instagram, SlideShare, edocr, and Zuum were added.

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