Honda Recall Affects the Company’s Acura TL Brand

Honda recall will only affect owners who have purchased the company’s luxury sedan, the Acura TL. According to Reuters, Honda will recall nearly 53,000 cars due to problems with the vehicle’s power steering system.

“Over time, the power steering hose may deteriorate and develop a fluid leak,” the company explained in a statement. “Leaking power steering fluid could lead to loss of power steering assistance or, if it leaks onto a catalytic converter it may result in smoke, or in the worst case, fire.”

According to the carmaker, the recall effects 52,615 automobiles in the U.S. and 4,266 in Canada. Presently, no crashes or injuries have been associated with the defect. Customers who purchased either a 2007 or 2008 model will be notified of the situation via mail around mid-June.

If you’d like to know whether or not your car is one of the vehicles being recalled, you can check things out by visiting or

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