Honda Recall: 321,000 Vehicles are Affected Worldwide

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Honda recall: 2012 CR-Vs and 2013 Acura ILXs are the latest batch of automobiles affected by potentially serious problems. In this particular case, car doors are having a very hard time staying closed, forcing the manufacturer to issue a worldwide recall on the vehicles in-question. The US alone is expected to recall 166,600 CR-Vs and 6,200 ILXs. Owners should start receiving letters in the mail detailing these issues sometime this August.

According to the company, the doors may not shut properly if the inside driver or passenger door handles are engaged at the same time as the power or manual door locks. Furthermore, since the doors are not properly latched, they may pop open when someone uses the locks. The mechanism will be given a once-over by mechanics when the vehicle is brought in for inspection. Should your automobile have any problems, it will be repaired at no cost to you.

The Honda recall follows close behind those made by Ford and Chevy, both of which have experienced some manufacturing issues over the past few months. This, of course, isn't the sort of thing potential buyers want to hear when they're on the prowl for a new ride. Whether it's misaligned carpeting or the potential for sudden engine fires, consumers want don't want to have to worry about the faultiness of their vehicle after signing all of that paperwork.

Thankfully, Honda says that no crashes, injuries, or deaths have been attributed to the malfunction. Hopefully this won't change before the problems are addressed.

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