Holly Madison Moving Due To Giant Pink Doghouse

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Holly Madison, former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and Vegas performer, is having some trouble with the homeowners association in her neighborhood. So much trouble, in fact, that she's willing to move out of her comfy digs while pregnant just to escape their complaints.

The issue is the giant, human-sized doghouse she had built in her backyard, which is painted pink and, according to the HOA, doesn't fall within the guidelines of what is allowed on the street. But, Madison contends, it can't be seen from outside her fence, which makes the entire point moot.

“They keep fining me for having it painted pink. But the thing about it is I asked the contractor because when I had that thing built, I kind of knew I wasn’t going to stay in this house, and I wanted something I could put on a pallet and take to the next place with me,” she said. “Absolutely, it’s a temporary structure, so it’s not even under their jurisdiction. That would be like harping on someone over their kids’ jungle gym.”

Madison says the HOA sends her monthly statements fining her $100 for the doghouse, which she refuses to pay. As of now the former Playmate and her boyfriend are set to move out of the neighborhood to start their family. In fact, they already have a place picked out.

“It’s the cutest neighborhood, and I love how close it is to downtown. It’s quirky and old,” she said. “We’re selling this house. We thought of renting it, but we’re finished here.”

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