Holly Holm Vs. Ronda Rousey Rematch May Happen At UFC 200

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New UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Holly Holm may have won against former crowd favorite Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, but it looks like Ronda will not let her get away with it.

The 28-year-old MMA fighter and actress has vowed that she will beat Holm in a rematch.

“I need to come back. I need to beat this chick,” she said in an interview with ESPN.

Rousey also said that she was “crushed” and “embarrassed” by her second-round knockout. She missed the post-fight interview and had to be taken to a hospital to treat her injuries.

Recalling some moments during the fight, Rousey said that Holly Holm successfully shook her in the first round, and that she wasn’t thinking clearly for most of the fight because of that. “I just feel so embarrassed. How I fought after that is such an embarrassing representation of myself. I wasn't even f****** there,” the Furious 7 actress said.

Despite the loss, however, Rousey is determined to get her revenge no matter what it takes, whether it means “popping her teeth out or breaking her jaw or ripping her lip open.” UFC promotion president Dana White has already called for an immediate rematch between Ronda and Holly as soon as the judoka is prepared to face Holly Holm.

Unfortunately, Rousey said that if she loses the rematch, then she would probably quit MMA for good.

“Either I'll win and keep going or I won't and I'll be done with everything,” the Olympic bronze medalist said.

Meanwhile, reports claim that Holly Holm could be taking on another opponent for her first title defense.

Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez  said in an interview that UFC presented a prospect fight at UFC 200 in Las Vegas in July. Fresquez believes Rousey may not be prepared for a fight that soon, so Holm could face another fighter in the meantime.

While Holly Holm maintains a clean 10-0 win-loss record, everything could change if she loses her first title defense, especially if it’s someone other than Ronda Rousey.

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