Holly Holm: Preacher's Daughter Unfazed by Ronda Rousey, Talks Sunday's Fight

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Holly Holm is the daughter of a preacher, and she believes that will provide a considerable boost for Sunday's fight against Ronda Rousey in Melbourne, Australia. She accompanied her dad to hospitals and other highly emotional settings. Holm believes she learned to stay grounded from these experiences.

Citing her devastating left kicks to the heads of her opponents, and her ability to whip her right leg at their bodies, Holly Holm has a healthy outlook on Sunday's fight.

"Having a fight with [Rousey] means a chance at winning a title. It's not my end goal. I'm going after the title. She's not the only fighter out there. It's not the end of the road fighting her," she says.

Despite her confidence, Ronda Rousey is favored to win on Sunday. She required little to no time at all to knock out her past four opponents--Sara McMann, Alexis Davis, Cat Zingano, and Bethe Correia.

Ronda Rousey has never gone past 58 seconds of the third round, but Holly Holm hints she'd like to extend the fight.

"There's a different feel in late rounds," she says. "It's physically and mentally exhausting. In the fourth and fifth, you lose focus. That's the thing we've seen in this sport."

Ronda Rousey claims she's ready for whatever Holly Holm dishes out. Holm is thinking psychology as well as strategy will help her.

"I don't know how much she really wants to box," Holly Holm says. "There's always mind games, little psychology things people try to do. Do I feel like she's improved a lot in her boxing? Absolutely. She has [two] knockouts from overhand rights."

Holm's trainers have directed her toward Rousey's imperfections.

"She's been the most dominating. That doesn't mean she's not beatable," Holm says. "Their confidence in me gives me confidence. They've been around so many big fights … they're serious with me, telling me what I did wrong. I don't want them to sugar-coat it. They give me good direction."

In Holly Holm's two UFC bouts, she has remained standing--defending five takedown attempts and delivering 109 significant strikes. Is that enough to ward off Ronda Rousey?

"Do I want to go in and say I'm going to grab [Rousey] and hip-toss [her] because I've been working on that? Why would I want to do what she's best at?" she asks.

"I see myself in the fight, staying focused every moment. I've put myself in this positive place and see myself capitalizing upon it."

Who do you think will come out on top Sunday? Are you a Ronda Rousey or a Holly Holm fan?

Will the preacher's daughter do her dad proud?

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