Holly Bobo: Parents Still Have Many Questions


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Don Franks, pastor of the grieving family of Holly Bobo, has been by their side since the disappearance of the promising young nursing student almost three years ago.

That time has been anything but easy and Franks has been there to witness the ups and downs of family life ever since tragedy struck the household.

Franks told WKRN, "Every day is a difficult day and of course when I having things go on like we had go on, it's a roller coaster for them. It really is".

Since their daughter was taken from her home in Parsons, Tenn., Holly's parents have been left with many questions.

The accusation made against Zachary Adams has been baffling to both family and the community, who've observed multiple search warrants executed in recent days.

Adams had not been previously named as a suspect in Bobo's disappearance and speaking on behalf of her family, Franks said that they were not aware of any connection between the missing nursing student and Adams.

Adams' property in Holladay, Tenn. was the site of a thorough search by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. It is located nearly 15 miles from where Bobo was taken.

Though charges of murder and aggravated kidnapping have been filed against Adams in relation to Bobo's death, the man already in custody.

Adams is currently being held on a $1 million bond for aggravated assault and drug-related charges. He was arrested at the Benton County home of his girlfriend.

It has been recently reported that he will be arraigned for the assault and drug charges on March 11th.

Even though plenty of questions remain regarding Adams' alleged role in Holly Bobo's death and location where her body was found, Franks says that her parents are "very thankful for everything law enforcement is doing."

He commended the investigators on their "very hard and diligent" work.

Though Holly Bobo's parents must continue to wait for answers in the case, there is now a greater chance at arriving at a place of truth and finally understanding how and why their daughter disappeared.

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