Holly Bobo Case: Prosecution Wants Gag Order


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Prosecutors in the Holly Bobo case are requesting a gag order be placed on one of the suspects.

According to the Tennessean, a gag order motion was filed in Decatur County Criminal Court in order to stop Jason Autry and anyone attached to the case from sharing details. The prosecution claims that this is a necessary step in order to assure a fair trial for the suspect.

If this motion is granted, it would mean that anyone involved in the case that commented on relevant details such as evidence or documents could be held in contempt of court.

On April 29th, Autry was indicted by a grand jury for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo.

A gag order was requested following an interview with the suspect that aired on WTVF NewsChannel 5.

Autry revealed details such as his relationship with the victim and her family as well as his connection to other suspects.

Nearly a week after this interview aired the prosecution has accused WTVF of violating the Tennessee Department of Correction policy after they interviewed Autry in a manner meant solely for the Davidson County attorneys attempting to communicate with their clients.

Autry’s lawyer Fletcher Long had requested to use the videoconferencing system reserved for attorneys. Authorities were then told by Long that he would need a “private” cameraman in order to record the session with his client.

The filing for the gag order said that Long used deception in order to get a reporter and cameraman from Channel 5 news into the view room to conduct an interview.

The Tennessean reports that corrections officials contacted WTVF to inform them of the violation and asked them not to air the recorded interview.

Autry is expected to appear in court on Wednesday as part of of a previously scheduled hearing.

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