Holiday Food Gifts' Survey Reveals Holiday Dessert Favorites

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Biscuits, cookies, pies and sugar plums dance in children and adults' heads as they excitedly await more holiday festivities. Therefore, overworked cooks become anxious about what to make for the holiday season.

Cooks rush to the internet for holiday food ideas for their families. They also use it to find present ideas for their loved ones. Seattle-based food site makes this easier for cooks everywhere.

As the largest digital food brand, with 1 billion annual visitors, its one of the most trusted recipe sites on the web. Therefore, it tries to provide its readers with the best possible advice this season. Yahoo reveals that in their annual survey, Allrecipes discovered that 54 percent of their surveyed readers plan to make homemade food gifts. Of those surveyed, 82 percent plan to use Allrecipes' site for inspiration. Allrecipes then comprised a list of the top 20 food gift recipes. Some of the popular desserts to make on this list were chocolate fudge, Christmas cookies and dog biscuits.

The website gives detailed step-by-step video instructions for each of these 20 recipes. In Allrecipes magazine's launch issue, eight of these recipes receive further exploration with ideas on how to decorate these treats' packaging to match the holiday festivities.

Allrecipes magazine officially launched in November 2013. The magazine's goal is to present its readers with a more focused look at certain recipes. With unlimited amount of recipes on the site, this overwhelms some people. Hence, the editors of Allrecipes magazine hopes to make the cooking and recipe searching process less hectic by giving special attention to the best recipes on the site.  The magazine is published six times a year by Meredith Corporation.

Check out one of Allrecipes' holiday food instructional videos below

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