Holiday Decorations: The Coolest And The Craziest Christmas Decorations

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Even if people skip on holiday decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s usually a sure bet that an effort will be made for Christmas.

But some people go above and beyond on decorations when it comes to winter holidays.

If you’re hoping to get in on the holiday fun, but aren’t quite sure what look to go for, let these cool (and crazy) holiday decorations inspire you.

A Christmas tree is practically a must in any household that celebrates the holiday. Whether you opt for a real tree or a store-bought artificial creation, the entire point of the tree is, of course, the decorations.

Here are some truly amazing Christmas trees featuring gorgeous holiday decorations and effects:

The tree is typically the starting place in getting your holiday decorations up. If you REALLY want to get into the spirit of holiday decorating, these examples should serve as great inspirations for what you can do with your living room.

Don't forget the staircase:

Or the hallway, if you live in a single-story home.

If you have a fireplace, it's definitely a MUST to jazz it up.

Don't forget the stockings!

As for the outside of the home, that is the real star of the show, where holiday decorations tend to have the most impact.

A well-decorated interior can be an absolute wonder to visiting family and friends, but some holiday decorations are meant to inspire every simple person who happens to drive by.

The people behind these holiday decorations certainly wanted to make a big impression:

So, what are your holiday decorations going to be like this year? Are you going all out or are you keeping it as sane and minimalist as possible?

Feel free to show off your own holiday decorations below ( as well as any tips to spare the ambitious a LIFETIME of hefty electric bills)!

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