HIV Cure 'Within Months,' Say Danish Researchers


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Last week, those hoping to find a cure for HIV were disappointed by the failure of a U.S. clinical trial for an HIV vaccine. This week, the hope that a cure can be found may have been renewed.

According to a report from The Telegraph, Danish researchers believe they are close to an affordable cure for the HIV virus.

Doctors at Aarhus University Hospital are now conducting clinical trials of a technique that proved successful in the lab earlier this year. The technique involves removing the HIV virus from cell DNA, allowing the body's immune system to attack it.

Dr. Ole Søgaard, a member of the research team, is so confident in the prospect of a cure that he told The Telegraph he is "almost certain" their technique will be successful in releasing the "resevoirs" of HIV found in DNA. However, he also cautioned that getting a patient's immune system to attack the exposed virus could be a challenge.

For now, the clinical trial only has 15 patients. It will be expanded if any of the patients is found to be cured of HIV.