Hitman: Absolution "Ultimate Assassin" Trailer Released


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It's Friday, and that means another Hitman: Absolution trailer has arrived. Today's trailer - dubbed "Ultimate Assassin" - is the last in Square Enix's and IO Interactive's series of trailers that reveal the details of just about every aspect of the game.

Previous trailers have mostly focused on what players will be able to do in their role as Agent 47 - the weapons they can use, the methods they can use to kill targets, or the silly disguises they can don, for example. Today's trailer focuses on Agent 47 himself, and the preternatural abilities that IO Interactive has given players. By "tapping into" Agent 47's genetically-engineered instincts, players will see targets, threats, and opportunities highlighted in bright colors.

The powers appear to make the game incredibly easy, highlighting potential assassination scenarios and threats instead of letting players discover them on their own. The trailer does make it clear, however, that players don't have to use 47's powers. A "purist" mode is available for those who want a more classic Hitman experience.