Hitman: Absolution Launch Trailer Drops the Bass, Of Course


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After a dozen trailers covering everything from the weapons to the silly costumes of the game, Square Enix has finally released its final statement on what Hitman: Absolution is trying to be.

The launch trailer for the game focuses on the story behind Agent 47's actions, but manages to pack in the sexy nuns, strippers, and some ultra-violence, including a nifty katana-through-the-mouth kill. Oh, and a dubstep soundtrack, of course. That's required for game trailers now. Over the top of all of this, short segments of good reviews of the game are shown, and early reviews look to put Absolution in the company of other well-reviewed Hitman titles such as Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

The story of Hitman: Absolution seems simple enough. Agent 47 saves a little girl against the wishes of the International Contract Agency (ICA). The ICA, in turn, sends its other best assassins to eliminate him. Because they can't abide a single act of mercy from the world's greatest assassin. There's sure to be intrigue and mystery, though, as the mythology of the Hitman series is actually a lot deeper than its mission structure might suggest.