Hitman: Absolution Cinema Trailer Released


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We're creeping ever closer to the November 20 launch of Hitman: Absolution. Week after week, gamers have been inundated with trailers detailing every aspect of the game. Square Enix and IO Interactive have already gone over many of the game's baddies, all of the weapons and techniques that players will use to assassinate their targets, and even some of the silly costumes Agent 47 will don.

Today's trailer finally brings a cinematic peek at what the story behind Absolution might be. From the looks of things, Agent 47 will be gunning, sneaking, and disguising his way through tons of corruption to get back one little girl. The trailer even asks, "How many lives will you take to save one?"

All that trouble for one girl. She must be important in some special way. Does she hold nuclear codes in her head? Have telekinetic powers? A mystical lineage? I suppose we'll find out in a few weeks when the game is released. Assuming Square Enix doesn't decide to give the whole thing away in a separate trailer, of course.