Facebook's IPO Follows Other Tech Companies' IPO

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With Facebook's IPO maaayy finally happen next week, buzz abounds that this will most likely be the tech industry's biggest IPO to date. Still, by no means is it the first and it's likely Facebook wouldn't be projected to rocket into astronomical levels of filthy lucre if it hadn't been the company's predecessors.

Google, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zynga, and Groupon are all tech companies that made the public move - and all with varying results. Companies like Groupon and LinkedIn saw their stocks decline below their opening day price a mere 30 days after the IPO (although LinkedIn seems to be trucking right along now while Groupon continues to ride out some turbulence). With speculation that Facebook's opening valuation could be as high as $100 billion, it's all but a foregone conclusion that the company will be a Wall Street success.

As a crash course of sorts on tech company IPOs, Banyan Branch put together an infographic details the history of other tech companies that offer a glimpse of what to expect with Facebook's initial offering. “The upcoming Facebook IPO has been the talk of the tech world, and judging by other recent tech IPOs, it can be hard to predict which way the stock will move,” said Blake Cahill, president of Banyan Branch. “Banyan Branch analyzed the online buzz and we know that the Facebook IPO will only increase in interest as we get closer to the IPO date.”

Think the sky's the limit for Facebook? Think it's a lotta hype? Let us know what ya think after the infographic.

History of Tech Company IPOs

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