Hisense Finds A Pulse In Google TV

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Google TV is really picking up steam as we head into fall and the holiday shopping season. The launch of the Vizio Co-Star brought an affordable option to would be Google TV owners across the U.S. by launching at $99. Chinese manufacturer Hisense is now giving Vizio a little competition.

Hisense announced today that they would be bringing the Hisense Pulse to market later this year. The Pulse, like the Co-Star, is a small set-top box that brings the Google TV experience to any television with an HDMI input. It will be available in mid-November for under $99.

The Hisense Pulse comes preloaded with all the standard Google TV apps like Chrome, Google Play, Search, TV & Movies, and YouTube. It supports all resolutions from 480i to 1080p alongside the H.264, MPEG-4 and AVC formats.

“This box effectively bridges the gap to the latest in home entertainment, without the need for expensive hardware upgrades,” said JoAnne Foist, Director of Marketing at Hisense USA. “Most people have at least one HDTV in their home and with the addition of a Hisense Pulse with Google TV, we offer the liberty of accessing not just TV, but a host of streaming content, web surfing and TV apps (such as Pandora Radio, CNNMoney, Motor Trend, and Thuuz) that are available in Google Play. Compared to other streaming devices, the Hisense Pulse with Google TV allows consumers to experience a new level of smart content discovery and viewing recommendations. Hisense delivers a low cost device that provides the outstanding performance and quality for which our brand is known.”

The Pulse is pretty small at only 4.5 square inches and 1.5 pounds. It's a little more interesting on the inside with a HDMI input and output, USB port, Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi. Just like the Co-Star, it also comes with a double sided remote with one side sporting a touch pad and dedicated Netflix button while the other side is a fully functional QWERTY keyboard.

The Hisense Pulse will be officially unveiled later this week at IFA in Germany. We'll get our first look at the device then.

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