Here's Who You Should Follow on Twitter on Grammy Night (According to Twitter)

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Twitter, who is always looking to give you plenty of reasons to second-screen it during bid television events, has just put up their suggestions for who to follow if you want to get a little extra insight into this year's Grammy awards.

Twitter is apparently music-driven, at least according to some choice stats. Did you know that music is the second-most discussed topic on Twitter in the U.S.? Or that 50% of all active users follow at least one musician? How about the fact that the top 4 most-followed people on Twitter (globally) are musicians?

Here's Twitter's lists for who to follow if you want additional access and commentary this Sunday.

First, people who will actually be there while they live-tweet:


Next, the people who Twitter describes as "couch commentators":


If you want to be a part of the conversation, you can use the #grammys hashtag or a new one that they're promoting this year, #TheWorldIsListening.

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