Here's What You Can Expect Out Of Unreal Engine 4 On Next Gen Systems

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With the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One behind us, we can now focus on the upcoming games for both systems. While most of the launch games used tools from last generation game development, we're probably going to see more and more games use the all new Unreal Engine 4 going forward.

So, what can you expect from the latest iteration of Epic's award winning game engine? Aside from better looking games, you can expect Unreal Engine 4 to provide developers with better special effects tools. In the below video, you'll see a live demo of of the engine being used to better reflect how particle effects will be affected by the world around them. You'll also get to see how water effects will be handed in the next gen engine.

While there haven't been many games made in Unreal Engine 4 just yet, the prevalence of Unreal Engine 3 in the last generation means that we'll be seeing plenty of games built in Unreal Engine 4. That means that games built for next gen consoles will not only be pretty, but they will perform well too.

[Image: GamersPrey/YouTube]

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