Here's What The Next Generation Of NBA 2K14 Looks Like


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The next-generation is almost upon us, and developers are finally starting to show us just how much of a graphical leap we can expect with the PS4 and Xbox One. Some games haven't exactly wowed us just yet while others really do embody what we have come to expect from next-gen machines. NBA 2K14 falls into the latter.

2K Sports shared the first trailer today for the next-gen version of NBA 2K14 running on PS4 hardware. In short, it looks absolutely phenomenal. I've said before that racing games are usually what developers use to show what new hardware is capable of, but you can put sports games into that category as well.

Check it out:

For the past two years, the NBA 2K series has remain unchallenged as EA canceled its NBA Live reboot for two consecutive years in a row citing quality concerns. EA promises that NBA Live 14 will be a thing this year, and that it will be on next-gen consoles using EA's new Ignite engine. We've yet to see what it will look like yet, but I'm pretty confident that NBA 2K14 will remain the crown jewel of basketball video games yet again.

After all, it takes a special team to render Anthony Davis' unibrow so beautifully, and the 2K Sports team nailed it.

[Image: 2K/YouTube]