Here's What Texting While Driving Will Cost You in the US

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If you're caught texting while driving, the fine you could be forced to pay varies wildly depending on which US state you're in when you're caught in the act.

According to a handy map compiled by Mother Jones, the lowest maximum fine for a first-time offender resides in California at just $20. And according to the map, you really don't want to be caught texting while driving in Alaska.

Only four states - Montana, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Arizona - currently have no statewide bans on texting while driving. The median penalty nationwide for the offense comes in at $100.

Texting while driving fines

Of course, these are the maximum fines that can be levied. In a state like Alaska, prosecutors have stated that this maximum fine would only be levied in rare circumstances where the party was deemed a "menace on the road." Still, Alaska is by far the worst place to get caught with your phone out on the road - especially if your texting results in an injury to another driver. In Alaska, if your texting while driving results in the death of another motorist, you could be hit with a $250,000 fine and be forced to spend 20 years in prison.

Long story short - don't text and drive. Anywhere. Every year, the reckless practice is responsible for over 100,000 automobile crashes. It's stupid, and I promise you that whatever you're saying can wait.

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