Here's What Happens When Google Street View Can't Map Narrow Belgian Streets

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Last year, Google Street View took on Belgium, but there was a problem: The Google Street View cars couldn't quite fit down some of the impossibly small Belgian streets.

That meant that many of the smaller, older side streets were left off the radar. To help with this problem, Toyota Belgium came to the rescue (via Google Creative Sandbox Google+ post):

The Google Street View car couldn't fit through many of the narrow Belgium roads and so some streets weren't photographed. Toyota Belgium worked with agency Happiness Brussels to tackle the challenge. They outfitted the tiny iQ car with a 360° camera, kicking off the interactive “iQ Street View” project. The car traverses all the narrow Belgium streets and sends the data to the iQ project’s website (, where residents can tag the streets that Google couldn't reach.

The car we're talking about here is the Toyota iQ, and city car nicknamed "The Brick" that was first debuted back in 2008. Last year it finally came to the North America in a limited basis, having been rebranded the Scion iQ. It's small - 120.1 inches long, 59.1 inches tall, and only 66.1 inches wide.

Check it out in action below:

With the iQ Street View project, Toyota brags that they "complete Google Street View" with their car. Currently, the project is only in Belgium but if you know of a street in the area that still needs to be tagged, you can add it here and the Toyota iQ will go and find it.

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