Here's What Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Thinks About Last Night's Election

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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg broke up the boys club back in June by becoming the first female member of Facebook's Board of Directors. Before her induction, the Board was comprised of seven men including Mark Zuckerberg, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Sandberg's appointment to the Board was very timely, considering Facebook was on the receiving end of a couple of campaigns from women's groups who wanted them to diversify the all-male Board.

In a Facebook post earlier today, Sandberg focused on the gains made by women during last night's elections. By all accounts, female candidates had a good night picking up seats and making the new Congress the most female-heavy in history. New Hampshire, in fact, will send a women-only delegation to Washington as both Senators and both Representatives come from the fairer sex.

In the post, Sandberg congratulated the winners and called it a "great step forward for women." Here's the full update:

While much of the attention is focused on President Obama's victory, it is worth noting that this election was a great step forward for women.

The 113th Congress will have at least 19 female senators, the most ever in U.S. history! Congratulations to Senators Maria Cantwell, Dianne Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Claire McCaskill, Debbie Stabenow on returning to the Senate and Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate, Tammy Baldwin, Mazie Hirono, and Elizabeth Warren on winning competitive races and joining the Senate (Heidi Heitkamp’s race in North Dakota is still too close to call but could mean a net gain of 5 seats for women). In the US House of Representatives, a record number of women were on the ballot last night and at least 16 women will join the incoming freshman class. And women made gains on the state and local level as well.

Congratulations to all of them - and to the American public!

Sandberg has never been shy about her progressive views. Earlier this year, she recorded a message for the GLAAD media awards that talked about Facebook's commitment to being an ally for the LGBT community. At that ceremony, Facebook became the first social media company to receive a GLAAD award.

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