Here's What Facebook's App Center Looks Like On iOS

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The Facebook App Center is set to launch any time now, if recent reports are to be believed. The company announced the App Center early last month and said that it would become available in the "upcoming weeks." Yesterday we told you that that time has most likely come, and the official launch is imminent (within days).

As of the today, the App Center has yet to walk the red carpet. But courtesy of some leaked screenshots, we can get a better idea of what it will look like, at least on iOS.

TechCrunch obtained the screenshots, which hint to some important but unsurprising social elements to the App Center. The new App Center, if you haven't heard, is Facebook's way to display not only Facebook-specific apps but also mobile apps that feature Facebook Login. The App Center won't house any of these mobile apps, but instead point users in the right direction - whether that be iTunes of Google Play.

It's not like Facebook has been super secretive about the App Center - they provided us with some screenshots when they first announced it. But these new images give us a bit more detail about how it will work on your iPhone.

First, we can see that the App Center will be accessible via the left-hand navigation menu:

The landing screen for the App Center will allow you to browse apps by both popularity and "social picks," which we can assume takes into account how widely they are used among a users' friends. One thing we do know about the App Center is that popularity will play a key role in what is displayed to users. Facebook has said that if your app receives negative feedback, it won't show up.

Facebook app center social picks

And below we see what each app's info page will look like. We also see a nice little page with images of friends using the app, another indicator that Facebook is going to rely heavily on social data to promote the apps in their App Center

Facebook App Center

As a developers, there's a lot to be excited about here. The simple fact that Facebook is going to rely heavily on user ratings and engagement to decide which apps to promote hopefully means that good apps will rise, and crappy apps will fall. The App Center could be a giant step in making devs want to utilize Facebook in their apps. For users, it will be nice to have everything tagged and compiled with uniform descriptions, ratings, and such.

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