Here's Video Of John McAfee's Q&A With Press

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John McAfee took to YouTube on Sunday to engage in a Q&A session with press to set the record straight about his situation in Guatemala, and the whole series of events that led up to his detention.

The first video is essentially the same kind of stuff we've been hearing from McAfee all the while - about how the press has portrayed him as paranoid, and how corrupt the Belize government is. He also urges people to read his blog.

The second video features his responses to the press questions he selected to answer. It's about three times as long as the first one.

The first question he addresses is whether or not he killed Gregory Faull (his neighbor, who was found shot to death - the reason he is wanted in Belize for questioning). "No. Let me be clear. I had absolutely nothing to do with the murder in Belize," McAfee says.

He also says he believes the Vice reporters he was with prior to his detention are "underground" and "on the run from Sam"(his girlfriend). "That's a joke," he adds. Sam is still with him in Guatemala, he says.

"Our intent is to return to America, if at all possible," he says. "And settle down to whatever normal life we can settle down to..."

He addresses the question as to whether or not he takes bath salts. Bringing up the guy who got his face eaten in Florida a while back, he says bath salts are the "worst drug on the planet."

It should be noted that the face-eater was found not to have been on bath salts.

"I do not take drugs, and have not taken drugs in over thirty years," he says, adding that he does not even drink. "If I were to slip," he says, "please...wouldn't I take a good drug? I do have the resources. I do not have to resort to taking the worst drug in the world."

Last week, McAfee was rushed to the hospital. He says his health is improving. The problem was that he did not eat for two days, and had very little liquid. He had been smoking almost non stop. "I am fine now," he says.

He had also made an offer to the Prime Minister of Belize to meet in person. He says the PM has not contacted him.

McAfee says he is filing a series of papers in an attempt to keep him in Guatemala "long enough for the world to see the injustice" of sending him back to Belize. He says he'd be happy to go to England or America. "I do have a thirty-day stay - for thirty days, no matter what happens, the government cannot return me to Belize."

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