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Here’s The New Stuff You’re About To See On Netflix

Netflix is a revolving door of movie and television content, particularly on the streaming side of things. Though titles often disappear from availability, new ones are also frequently added. Sometime...
Here’s The New Stuff You’re About To See On Netflix
Written by Chris Crum
  • Netflix is a revolving door of movie and television content, particularly on the streaming side of things. Though titles often disappear from availability, new ones are also frequently added. Sometimes these come in the form of Netflix original shows or even exclusive access to certain programming, but sometimes it’s just older titles that many find to be still worth watching.

    Content is added to Netflix streaming each week, and it can be difficult to keep up with what’s available all the time. With that, here’s a look at some new additions.

    Note: This is for the U.S.

    The past week has seen a bunch of new TV content and and some more movies hit Netflix streaming. On Thursday, Netflix announced the availability of all episodes of Goosebumps and The Magic Bus.

    In the coming week, we’re going to be seeing even more TV shows, stand-up comedy performances, some interesting documentaries, and more movies. Here’s a look at some of the titles you’ll soon be able to stream.

    Available on Saturday 8/17:

    High Tech, Low Life (2012)

    Shihe Zhang, Shuguang Zhou

    Meet Tiger and Zola, two “citizen reporters” who travel China chasing the big news stories as it’s never been done before. Outfitted with 21st-century technology, the two face censorship and even imprisonment in their pursuit of the truth.

    Miss Gulag (2007)

    At a Siberian women’s prison known as UF-91/9, inmates vie every year for the beauty pageant title of Miss Spring. Focusing on three entrants, this captivating documentary looks at a new generation of women coming of age in post-Soviet Russia.

    Wilfred: Season 2 (2012)

    Adapted from the Australian TV series, this unconventional comedy follows the surreal experiences of Ryan, a deeply depressed man who becomes convinced that his neighbor’s dog Wilfred is actually a man wearing a costume.

    Available 8/19:

    Ghost Hunt: Season 1 (2006)

    In season one of this supernatural anime series, high school freshman Mai Taniyama discovers that she has psychic abilities, prompting her to join the Shibuya Psychic Research team, whose mission is to obliterate evil from the earth. With some help from a spirit medium, an exorcist, a shrine maiden and a monk — along with the latest in psychic technologies — Mai learns how to access the mysteries of the spirit realm.

    Love/Hate: Seasons 1-3 (2010-2012)

    LOVE/HATE is a gritty crime drama based on Dublin’s criminal underworld. It depicts the drug addiction, squalor and violence of organized crime that has grown in post-boom Ireland. Catastrophic events ignite tension among the drug gang, and family, friends and the community must live with the consequences.

    Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011)

    Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Rowan Blanchard, Mason Cook, Jeremy Piven, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Danny Trejo

    Former Spy Kids Carmen and Juni Cortez return as teenagers to help 10-year-old twin siblings Rebecca and Cecil Wilson save the world with their stepmother, a retired secret agent who’s been called back into service to stop a conniving smuggler.

    Available 8/20:

    This Is Martin Bonner (2013)

    Paul Eenhoorn, Richmond Arquette, Sam Buchanan, Robert Longstreet, Demetrius Grosse, Kristin Slaysman

    Eschewing his old East Coast life, Martin Bonner moves to Nevada and goes to work for a program that prepares prisoners for life on the outside. But when he meets ex-convict Travis Holloway, they forge a bond that surprises them both.

    Highland Park (2013)

    Billy Burke, Danny Glover, Parker Posey, Rockmond Dunbar, Kimberly Elise, John Carroll Lynch, Eric Ladin, Michelle Forbes, Deborah Ann Woll, Bo Derek, Bob Gunton

    HIGHLAND PARK follows a group of high school faculty members and their desire to improve their community. Confronted with overwhelming problems and limited resources, their lives and priorities change when money seemingly falls into their lap.

    Miss Representation (2011)

    Explore how the media’s often disparaging portrayals of women contribute to the under-representation of females in positions of power, creating another generation of women defined by beauty and sexuality, and not by their capacity as leaders.

    Serving Life (2011)

    Forest Whitaker

    Filmed in a notorious Louisiana prison, this moving documentary chronicles the work of some inmates who find a sense of redemption for their past crimes by volunteering in the jail’s hospice, offering compassion to other prisoners as they die.

    Available: 8/21

    A Haunted House (2013)

    Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Cedric the Entertainer, Nick Swardson, David Koechner, Alanna Ubach, Dave Sheridan, Liana Mendoza, Affion Crockett, Jamie Noel

    In this spoof of horror films like Paranormal Activity, Marlon Wayans stars as an immature guy who’s frightened when he learns the girlfriend who just moved in with him has been possessed by a demonic spirit.

    Available: 8/22

    CSI: NY: Season 9 (Seasons 1-8 already available)

    Science in the service of crime fighting comes to the Big Apple in the second spinoff of the “CSI” franchise. Gary Sinise stars as workaholic detective Mac Taylor, who guides an elite squad of forensics investigators determined to nab the criminals.

    Available 8/23:

    Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch (2013)

    Doug Stanhope’s new hour-long stand-up special filmed at Oregon’s legendary club Dante’s on Thursday, April 4th, 2013.

    Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (2013)

    In Mike Birbiglia’s My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, Mike shares a lifetime of romantic blunders and miscues that most adults would spend a lifetime trying to forget. On this painfully honest journey, Birbiglia struggles to find reason in an area where it may be impossible to find — love.

    Dredd (2012)

    Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris, Langley Kirkwood, Junior Singo, Luke Tyler, Jason Cope, Domhnall Gleeson, Warrick Grier

    In the future, catastrophic wars have transformed Earth into a barren wasteland with the remaining population crowded into megacities, where all-powerful cops — including the ultraviolent Judge Dredd — are on the hunt for drug-dealing terrorists.

    Other titles that recently became available include: Fairy Tale: Season 1, My Strange Addiction: Season 3, Eve of Destruction, Haven, Revolution: Season 1, Solomon Kane, Immortalized, and See Girl Run. More here.

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