Here's The Coffee Table Of The Future

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The coffee table is outdated. It's just some wood sitting on top of more wood. In other words, it's boring. Ideum and 3M have joined forces to make it less boring with technology. Why settle for a lifeless wooden surface when you can have a 46-inch multitouch glass panel that's capable of playing Angry Birds and silly Internet videos?

Ideum and 3M have announced that it will soon be releasing what it calls the Android Coffee Table. As the name implies, it's a coffee table where the top is one giant multitouch screen. It's very similar to Microsoft's own Project Pixelsense, but far more affordable.

The Android Coffee Table will be available in two sizes - 46 and 32 inches. Each table, however, will sport the same specs - a 1080p display, 60 touch points, Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. It comes equipped with Android 4.1, but Ideum would be smart to upgrade it to Android 4.4 as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest improvements in app performance.

Here's the table in action:

The Android Coffee Table will be made available later this year at a starting price of $6,950. If you can't wait, you can grab the current model at the same price which sports Windows 8. If you don't mind waiting even longer, Ideum will also be releasing a dual-boot version of the table with Android and Windows 8.

Image via multitouchexhibits/YouTube

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