Here's Some New Super Mario 3D World Gameplay

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Yesterday, Nintendo showed off some new levels and powerups from Super Mario 3D World during its Nintendo Direct. The trailer was a little short, however, so we didn't get to see everything these new powerups have to offer. That's where Nintendo of America comes in.

In a new video today, the Nintendo Minute crew take us through almost nine minutes of new gameplay footage from Super Mario 3D World. The new gameplay footage takes us through two new levels while also giving us a look at the new cherry powerup that creates a clone of the player character.

It's revealed in the video that players can collect more and more cherry powerups to create multiple clones of any one character. It's not mentioned if there's a limit on these clones, but it's said that some challenges will require multiple clones to complete.

In another level, it's shown that players can pick up a potted piranha plant. It can be used to eat enemies and other obstacles. Think of it like a baby Yoshi, but a little more aggressive.

Super Mario 3D World launches November 22 exclusively for Wii U.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]

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