Here's Some Fresh Titanfall Gameplay


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Did you get into the Titanfall beta? No? Well, you missed out on the coolest multiplayer shooters of the past five years. While you wait to play the final game on March 11, EA has some fresh gameplay footage to hold you over.

In the new gameplay trailer, we get four minutes of gameplay from the Angel City map. This was one of the two maps available in the beta and it was my personal favorite of the two. The close quarters combat between the buildings made some interesting strategies available for players willing to learn wall running and double jumps.

The only downside to the map is that the streets make moving around in titans a little difficult. That's the point, however, as the map favors pilot combat over titans and those who decide to enter their titan are vulnerable to choke points and attacks from pilots with anti-titan weaponry on the rooftops.

Titanfall will be out March 11 on Xbox One and PC. It will come to the Xbox 360 on March 25.

Image via Official EA UK/YouTube