Here's Some Footage Of That NASA-Funded 3D Pizza Printer

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Back in May, NASA announced that it was working with Systems & Materials Research on a 3D printer that could make food. The idea was that astronauts on long trips could print their food instead of having to eat from a tube. The initial goal was to have the 3D printer make a pizza, and now we know it has achieved that goal.

KXAN, a local NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas, made a trip to the local SXSW Eco conference to see the future of sustainability. What they found was Systems & Materials Research showing off their 3D food printer that makes little pizzas using nothing but powdered ingredients and water.

So, wait, how does this all work? The news report doesn't go into detail, but previous reports from the makers have shown us that it combines water and oil with the powdered ingredients before sending what could be classified as "food goop" onto a heated tray. The tray then heats the dough, sauce and cheese substances to create a miniature cheese pizza.

As the report notes, Systems & Materials Research have yet to receive FDA clearance for their 3D printed pizzas. Until then, it can't serve the food to the general public. When it does, however, expect the first review to not be very flattering.

[h/t: 3ders] [Image: kxan/YouTube]

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