Here's How To Get The Most Out Of Your New Xbox One


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On November 22, you braved the cold to get your hands on a new Xbox One. You brought it home and played a few games. You maybe even checked out some of the multimedia features, like running your TV connection through it. During that time, however, you felt that everything wasn't as easy as it could be.

In a new video released today by Xbox' Major Nelson, he shares some helpful tips on how to make your Xbox One experience even easier. First up is the new menu button that will open a menu of options for the currently highlighted tile. From here, you can pin games to the homescreen, see the game's page on the Xbox store, view all currently available add-ons or uninstall it.

Moving onto Kinect, Major Nelson reminds gamers that they can launch any app by simply saying "Xbox, Go To" and then say the name of the game or app they want to launch. This works at any time so you can say, "Xbox go to Forza Motorsport 5" and then immediately say "Xbox go to Killer Instinct." The first game will be put on hold and the second will be launched. If you change your mind, you can say "Xbox go back" and it will immediately go back to Forza Motorsport 5.

To see more, check out Major Nelson's video below:

[Image: xbox/YouTube]