Here's How The HTC One's All-Metal Body Was Made

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HTC just might make a comeback this year. Its latest flagship device - the HTC One - is getting stellar reviews. Most of those reviews say it has an excellent build quality, especially when compared to other devices on the market. How exactly did that build quality come about though?

HTC recently released a video featuring the hardware designers of the HTC One talking about the creative process of making an all-metal body for a smartphone. As you might expect, CNC and diamond cutters were involved to create the smooth edges found on the device. The most interesting part, however, was how the designers cut space on the inside to lay circuitry so that there would be no moving parts.

It's stuff like this that makes the HTC One one of the best phones of 2013. Samsung is likely to remain on top this year thanks to the Galaxy S4, but the HTC One might just help boost the marketshare of the beleaguered Taiwanese manufacturer.

[h/t: Gizmodo]