Here's An Inside Look At PS4 Development From The Watch Dogs Studio


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Since its reveal in February, Sony has been somewhat quiet on the PS4 front. There have been a number of game announcements for the console, but we never got a good look at what it's like to make games for the console.

Sony is obviously hoping to dispel some of the mystery with a new video series - "Conversations with Creators." The debut episode pulls aside the development team of Watch Dogs to talk about how the team at Ubisoft is bringing the game to the PS4.

The gameplay on show is nothing new, but it's interesting to see how Ubisoft is working closely with Sony to make Watch Dogs extra special on the PS4. Part of that is accomplished thanks to the Share button, which the developers shower mountains of love on.

Despite the focus on the PS4, Watch Dogs is also being developed for pretty much every other HD platform under the sun. Ubisoft says the game will be out on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC and the next Xbox later this year.