Here's All The New Features In Windows Phone 8

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On Monday, Microsoft filled in the blanks regarding the company's Windows Phone 8 launch. We got a look at all the new features coming to the OS, and when we can expect to see the hardware hit stores. All of that can be read in our live coverage of the event, but it's sometimes better to see the device in action to truly understand it.

On the heels of the live event, Joe Belfiore walks us through all of the new features for Windows Phone 8 that were shown during the press conference. Some of the features covered include Kid's Corner, Rooms, Live Apps, and SkyDrive integration. There's a lot of information here, but Microsoft is hoping these new features will sell you on Windows Phone 8.

General mood towards Windows Phone 8 seemed to be favorable yesterday. A lot of folks on Twitter seemed to like Kid's Corner the most. It allows parents to set aside a special area on their phone just for kids. It keeps them entertained without having to worry about children sending texts to co-workers or updating their parent's social media account.

Interested parties will be able to pick up Windows Phone 8 hardware from US carriers in November. The schedule for each carrier is different, but T-Mobile will be offering phones first on November 14 with the Lumia 810 and Windows Phone 8X. Verizon will follow shortly thereafter with the Windows Phone 8X on Thanksgiving. AT&T's launch date is still set for some time in November, but the impressive Lumia 920 will be exclusive to them.